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CP Bio has rich practical experience and professional knowledge. We apply science responsibly , follow the strictest standards and controls from R&D to production, aiming to meet diverse needs of customers through our products and solutions.

Animal Health

We know that animal health is closely related to human health. At CP Bio Global Innovation Center, outstanding employees from the global animal health field are committed to providing animals with comprehensive health solutions from nutrition, health care to treatment through innovative products and comprehensive services. Help animals grow healthier and create greater well-being for humans.

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Human Health

We always adhere to the people-oriented health concept and are committed to helping human beings achieve a healthier and better life. To this end, based on its advantages and achievements in the field of biotechnology, CP Bio is committed to continuously bringing innovative nutrition and health products to human beings. From therapeutic drugs, nutrition & health care products to food additives, we not only meet the needs of different regions and age groups, but also provides an overall solution based on the actual scene, and continues to benefit mankind.

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Planet Health

The earth is the only home for human beings, and with the increasing problems of population growth, environmental pollution and climate change, how to reduce the threats to earth is a challenge that we must deal with today. In response to the problems of waste water, waste gas and waste residue generated in the industrial production process, CP Bio cooperates with global partners, actively participates in all aspects of research and development, production and application.Using innovative biotechnology to improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution,contributing to the health and sustainability of the earth.

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Lean Production Guarantee System

We have the world's leading biotechnology chain. With the help of digital and intelligent technology, we ensure the reliability of data and quality, and provide customers with all-round and scalable verification products and solutions under best production conditions.

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CP Sharing Program

With the help of CP Group's resources and achievements in the entire agricultural, animal husbandry and food industry chain, CP Bio is facing outstanding enterprises and partners, sharing the experience and knowledge in industrial practice.Through in-depth and extensive exchanges and cooperation, make progress and grow together.

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