About CP Group

Believe in the power of collaboration

We know in depth that we cannot achieve our goals without collaboration. From CP Group to CP Bio, the reason why we keep emphasizing internal multi-field collaboration is that only by moving towards the same goal can we give full play to the value of every strength, complete our mission and realize our vision.

Our idea of collaboration

CP Group has systematic capabilities and advantages in the agricultural, animal husbandry and food industry chain, which allows us to fully open up and collaborate in all directions from the thinking and perspective of the entire industry chain. Through information sharing and collaborative practice, we can continue to bring innovative products and solutions to our customers and markets.

  • R&D Synergy

    CP BIO cooperate with the Formulation Center and the Disease Research and Development Center to provide chemical experiments, drug design, medicinal chemistry, Pharmacokinetics, biophysical experiments, structural biology and other services.In addition, we provide professional Q&A and technical consultation on disease biology, pharmacy, and drug R&D for R&D personnel to meet R&D needs.

  • Resources Synergy

    CP Bio actively responds to the CP Group's strategy. By coordinating the business of the group's internal and external partners, it integrates high-quality resources to achieve mutual support and coordination, promote the rational and effective allocation and efficient use of resources, form an overall competitive advantage, and maximize overall benefits.

  • Procurement Synergy

    CP Bio maintains information sharing with the group in the overall procurement system. While following the internal coordination of the enterprise, combined with the principle of external coordination of the enterprise, efficient procurement is carried out in the process of enterprise production management;

  • Information Synergy

    In the process of business dealings with the group and external partners, CP Bio maintains the exchange of industry, products, services, competitors and other relevant information.

  • Market Synergy

    In the process of business dealings with the group and external partners, CP Bio excavates and manages the unique value of both parties in strategy, process and resources, and combines its own resources and capabilities to exert new competitive advantages in the integration process. In order to achieve cost savings, increase revenue, and save capital expenditures.

Based on the industrial chain resources of the CP Group, we actively promote the synergy within the group, and the multi-dimensional collaboration with the feed, aquaculture, food and other business sectors to bring innovative ideas and solutions, so as to enhance the industrial chain of CP agriculture, animal husbandry and food sustainable competitive advantage.

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