Biotechnology leads a better future

Today, people's demand for nutrition and health is increasing day by day, and they are also full of expectations for a better life. The rapid development of biotechnology has provided better answers to these challenges.
CP Bio, a global biotechnology company, is committed to using innovative biotechnology to healthy animals, protect the earth, and benefit mankind. We inherit and carry forward the six core values of CP Group, extensively and deeply participate in the major health cause of animals, the earth and human beings, and cooperate with excellent resources in various fields around the world in an all-round way, from animal nutrition, health care and treatment, human Nutrition and health, to the effective use of resources and environmental pollution control, to bring effective products and solutions to global customers and markets, and to achieve sustainable development of business and the earth.

our business

As a global biotechnology company, we are deeply involved in the health of animals, the earth and human beings, providing effective products and solutions for our customers and the market, and realizing the sustainable development of business and the earth.

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Our culture

Our culture guides our words and deeds in our daily work, enabling us to better fulfill our mission: to use innovative biotechnologies to keep animals healthy, protect the planet, and benefit people.

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Be Healthier, Be Brighter

This is our solemn commitment to customers and the industry today, and it is also the goal and direction we pursue.

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CP Strength Synergy

We have achieved all-round collaboration with various value modules in the agricultural, animal husbandry and food industry chain of CP Group, and are committed to bringing innovative ideas and solutions to customers and the market.

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CP sharing program

We face outstanding enterprises and partners in the industry, share experience and knowledge in industrial practice, and make progress and grow together.

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Based on the diversity of global customer needs, we have built this global trade platform to provide our customers with one-stop trade services, making trade easier, making the world smaller, and making cooperation seamless.

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