About CP Group

CP Group

CP Group is a well-known multinational enterprise established in 1921 founded by Thai-Chinese Mr. Chia Ek Chor . It’s also known as Charoen Pokphand Group in Thailand, abbreviated as CP Group. It has become a multinational corporate involving into finance, property real estate, pharmaceutical , machinery and etc.for more than 10 over industries and area.. The group business operation is coverage of more than 100 over countries and regions in global with approximately 350,000 employees, the 2019’ global sales is approximately $ 68 billion.

Founder of CP Group

Mr. Chia Ek Chor   Mr. Chia Seow Hui

The second-generation leaders of CP Group

Mr. Dhanin Chearavanont

The third generation leader of CP Group

Mr. Soopakij Chearavanont

The third generation leader of CP Group

Mr. Suphachai Chearavanont

It owns well-known enterprises brands and products such as CP Feed, CP Food, CP Egg, CP Seeds, CP Lotus, Dayang Motorcycle, CP Plaza, CP Pharmaceutical, and “Zhengda Variety Show”. CP Group has become a Chinese investment. It is one of the foreign-invested enterprises with large capital scale and many investment projects.