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To Brighter Future

With the advancement of technology and social development, we have awared and recognized of the interrelationship and importance between animals, the planet and people. As a responsible global biotechnology company, how can we achieve a balance among the three with global health is not only the business scope of our business, but also our responsibility to take the initiative undertake today.

CP BIO, actively responds to the Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 of CP Group, and takes it as the guiding ideology of sustainable development strategy of CP BIO. We always adhere to sustainable development, follow the Three Benefit Principle "benefit the country, the people and the enterprise", follow the same pace with the group, adhere to the pursuit of safety and health, commit to the coordinated development of resources, environment and economy, and work together for a healthier and brighter future.

Health and Wellbeing

Food Safety and Nutrition Access


Participation of Stakeholders

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Well-being is one of the human development goals set by the UN, which aims to reduce human diseases and mortality, so as to improve human happiness and achieve a society free of physical and mental diseases.

CP BIO is committed to providing healthy and green products to promote the healthy growth and Well-being of food, animals and poultry; provide customers with superior production and breeding solutions and contribute to the goal of "health and Well-being"; guarantee consumers' access to healthy food and bring benefit to society.

Food Safety and Nutrition Access

CP BIO is committed to providing safe and nutritious food for people, and providing medicine, additives, nutrition and other health breeding guarantees for swine, poultry, and aquatic animals in breading industry.

We strictly abide by the food safety law and other relevant local laws and regulations, continue to research and develop, produce and provide feed additives and animal nutrition products that meet the local food safety regulations, so as to realize healthy breeding while reduce the production cost. CP BIO is also a global participant in eradicating hunger and malnutrition among the poor. We are committed to making more contributions to human food security and engage more people to access to nutritious food.


CP BIO, driven by scientific and technological innovation, has launched more innovative products and achievements and led the development of the industry. We turn the innovative achievements into actual productivity and help our customers achieve sustainable development.

We are also committed to creating more value for our customers, end users, consumers and other multi stakeholders through innovative solutions, so as to innovate products and services and realize revenue growth and cost savings for them.

Participation of Stakeholders

CP BIO attaches great importance to all stakeholders, including the government, customers, consumers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and the public. We abide by the local laws and regulations on operation and management. We welcome the needs and feedback of multiple stakeholders and solve their problems, doubts and expectations.

Through legal and scientific operation and management, to continuously optimize the production process and develop better products to meet the needs of the market and customers. We also actively undertake more social responsibilities, participate in more charity and public welfare activities, invest in the research and development of the company's sustainable development, expand the production scale, increase the welfare of employees and provide more vocational training for employees, so as to ensure that employees share the benefits and values brought by the development of the company.

CP Group Sustainable Development Strategy 2030


CP Group follows the principle of good governance and strictly abides by rules, laws, regulations, contracts and agreements. Our actions are transparent and verifiable and adhere to international human rights principles and fair labor practices.


CP Group is committed to creating sustainable value for the society. We strive to build a society that is strong in all aspects: good health, stable income and guaranteed jobs, access to knowledge and information, high-quality education and the ability to benefit from technology. CP Group continues to implement projects aimed at health and seeks innovation to promote the health and happiness of consumers.


CP Group is committed to protecting natural resources and environment through efficient operation. At the same time, it is consistent with the international goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and is committed to reducing the impact of climate change. We also prioritize water resources through sustainable water resources management to minimize the impact of water use on the environment and surrounding communities.

Valid Life

The group firmly believes: Solid and efficient foundation is the main factor for long-term success.

CP Group has always been committed to establishing sustainable business growth and development synchronized with the country and reducing inequality. To this end, the group has been integrating several factors from different dimensions to form its business direction and strategy, such as the suggestions of stakeholder groups and relevant basic laws, regulations and guidelines for legal development.

Bright Life

The group has always recognized: One of its responsibilities is to create value for society, including promoting good health, supporting the maintenance of income and occupation, and providing access to necessary education.

Live Together

The group is committed to operating its business on an honest and fair basis, which includes the group's commitment to promoting the Well-being of people, communities and society. The group is also committed to protecting and preserving good environment and natural resources. Abundant natural resources will sustainably support life on earth and promote the operation of sustainable businesses today and in the future.

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