About CP Group
Our vision:

To Be The World’s Leading Biotechnology Company

The innovation and application of biotechnology in many fields such as food safety, nutritional health and environmental protection make us full of confidence and expectations for the future. we continue to explore and innovate to fully stimulate and release the biological’s unlimited potential of science and technology in the field of health and nutrition, leading the global biotechnology ‘s innovation & development to becoming the world’s leading biotechnology company.
Our mission:

With innovative biotechnology,
make animal healthier、protect the earth、benefit mankind.

As the continuous growth of the global population and the continuous progress and development of the human society, the demand for the nutrition and health is increasing day by day, there are also full of more expectations for a better life. However, today's large-scale production and methods with the limited resources caused us more and more problems and challenges. With a sincere and open attitude, CP Bio brings together global resources to provide innovative and effective health products and solutions for a changing world, and together with our partners, we will make animals healthier, the earth better and mankind happier.

Our Value

The "six values" of CP Group is the spiritual guidance for us to forge ahead. To achieve our target to become the world's leading biotechnology company, we hope that every employee can realize our responsibilities for economic construction and social development, carry out daily work and provide products, services and solutions on the basis of creating a sustainable future.

  • Three Benefits

    Benefit the country, Benefit the people, Benefit the enterprises

  • Speed and Quality

  • Simplification

  • Accept Change

  • Innovativeness

  • Integrity and Honesty

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